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Media Constructs is a dynamic company connecting clients directly with filmmakers and production teams, to create influential stories, commercials, and unique media experiences.


We start with the end goal in mind. We create and develop all content, design and execution to ultimately surpass our clients' goals. The company consists of a versatile team of creative directors, writers, filmmakers, producers and animators, our two principle filmmakers are Joe Maggiolo and Josh Camerote


Whether you are looking to hire production services or develop original content, we seamlessly integrate with other agencies and businesses to execute compelling media projects.


Our network is based out of Philadelphia/NYC and extends throughout the US.


Directors and Crew
Inspired Storytelling
Creative Consulting
Commercial Production
Set Design and Installation
Branded Content
Digital Light Installations

Joseph Maggiolo.  [ Director -  DP ]

 With over 10 years experience in camera department and as a producer in television, documentary, and commercial productions. 


My interests extends beyond film, but is rooted in a desire for attention and creating engaging bold and unassuming media.  I have directed short films, performed storytelling, designed live projection installations, and produced live shows.  I continue to write, produce and edit various forms of media.

Joshua Camerote. [ Director - Editor ]

I edit and direct a range of projects for broadcast, web, and corporate . Branded documentary are what I do best  but no matter the style or project…presenting the source material in the most compelling and creative way possible is always my number one goal.


I love my dog and bourbon.

Checkout my instagram for proof.


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